New Caledonia | Travel Photography

Every time that I travel to a new destination, I always feel amazed thinking about all these places that I still have to see. The world is so big and each place has something special. New Caledonia has definitely something special. 

This time we decided to go on a cruise with our friends and I’m not going to lie that the idea to be on a cruise was not very pleasant to me. I love the freedom, to decide what time to leave each place and enjoy as much as I can. When you are inside a cruise is not really like that but It also has a few advantages. 

If you are looking to relax, not to worry about where to sleep, where to eat and have fun on the way to the final destination is always a good thing. Not to mention, I was really surprised about the food. It was delicious! 

But let’s talk about this amazing place. New Caledonia or Nouvelle-Caledonia is a special collective of France and the official language is French. One of my favorite island was Isle of pines, the crystalline waters looks like a dream.

To go there is a must, lot’s of beautiful places to explore. 

We also had a great opportunity to go snorkelling in deep sea, the colours of the corals were amazing and I even saw a shark really close to me, I know.. scary hun? It was a great experience and I’m alive to tell the story. :)


Best tips ever: Lot’s of sunscreen, snorkelling shoes (this save our life during the way to the natural pools), snorkelling mask, towel. 

I hope you enjoy the photos.


Cruise line: Carnival Spirit cruise 

Destinations: Isle Mare, Isle of Pines, Noumea. 

They Belong to the world & The world belongs to them | Wedding Photography

We had a incredible weekend to celebrate our friends anniversary. First of all; That house, Wow! An antique church full of history and a beautiful view to the surrounding nature. Only 8 people, no internet, no phone signal, one fear: ghosts (LOL) and just one purpose: Celebrate love and friendship. I could never ask for more! 

They told me to do a little speech about love. I believe that is very easy to speak about love but very difficult as well because, how can I talk about sometime so big like love? In that place I could see love in various formats, I see love in form of friendship, love in form of a new life and love in form of unity, an unity that started like a simple friendship but not supported to be just that, it wanted to be more. 

I think the most beautiful characteristic of their love is complicity, 

Duda; You can sleep until 10am while Thomas is swimming on Sydney’s freezing waters, after that you will meet him and you’ll talk about the pretty adventures of that Saturday morning and just like that, you guys stand firm between important decisions and sometimes difficult roads that make your journey even more stronger, always together in this crazy life adventure that match perfectly you guys.

For those who don’t know I met Duda a long time ago and we lost contact over the years. I was not sure if she was living in Australia or just travelling the world and I decided to contact her. For my happiness she was living in Sydney and very happy to meet us. Duda and Thomas went to our house to picked us up just to talk, to help with so many questions that we had about this country and on that moment I realized… They were sharing all their love with us in form of words of comfort, which makes me conclude that they are love, they spread love . <3

That amazing weekend is now immortalised IN FORM of photos. I hope you enjoy them,




My surprise Bday

It’s so crazy but this year I was not feeling like celebrating my B-Day. Why is so crazy, you may ask ? Whoever really knows me, knows how much I love to celebrate my birthdays, YES! I always make a big thing of it and I plan every single detail, but for some reason,  I think after 34 years old I just got tired, hahahaha.

My hubby (who is incredible by the way) was not happy with my decision this year and ended up planning something very special just for the two of us. He just told me to pack my bag with a few clothes, my camera (I really thought we were going to do a photoshoot, lol) and ask for a morning off work the next day.

For my surprise…. Guess Whatttt? A BOAT.. I was not expecting that! I imagined one billion things; a nice hotel, a short trip, but he ended up renting a private boat and we went around the harbour enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon. To tell the truth it was everything I needed, a moment to breathe, relax and be thankful for our life, after almost 3 months dealing with my knee injury, that moment made me to forget everything.

We anchored in Rushcutters Bay, had a beautiful dinner, stayed overnight and woke up at 5am to see the sunrise. I love sunrises  and I don’t really have chance to see them very often.

In the end, It was not about the boat, everybody knows that I’m not fancy at all, but yesss, to be next to the ocean…. that sunrise was the most amazing birthday gift that I could receive. 

I feel renovated and ready for one more year. :)


Creating a storytelling for Brands

Long time no see!

I’m back here to talk about my favourite subject: Guess what? YES! Photography!

During the last 10 years I’ve been trying to find myself in this incredible photo world. I have been getting a lot of feedback from other photographers and close friends saying that focus is the most important thing. “Choose an area and stick with it”, but when it comes to a subject that you love so much I think it’s really hard to focus. How you are going to say to a photographer that loves to create images that she can just photograph weddings? or fashion? It’s like to eat the same food everyday! 

I completely agree that it makes more difficult for your clients to find you and also you need to have knowledge to photograph the areas that you want but when we talk about lifestyle photography it seems so embracing especially if you have a defined style.

In my case, I love to create meaningful photos, it does not matter if I’m shooting a family or a brand, as long as I have a story to tell I will be happy. I believe working in so many photography fields opened my mind and my heart to see so much more and it’s also a good way to increases creativity. Don’t you think? 

Since writing with images is the thing that I love the most, I want to share a few photos that is part of my “new” project; Storytelling for Brands. (Many thanks to my beautiful client Melissa Wharton.) 

Hope you enjoy!



So good to be here - A trip to New Zealand - South Island

I never thought about coming to NZ and see all these amazing places , during this trip a flashback came to my mind and I started to think about everything, the moving to Australia, so many things and then it hit me.. Life is not suppose to be the way that we always planned, if everything was exactly the way that we have planned before maybe we would never be here now, sometimes different ways leads you to beautiful views, adventures and so much more… with all the seasons, even the nature changes all the time. We have changed! This experience changed us in many aspects,  we left many things behind but the assurance that everything was worth and that’s the beauty of life. 

It was only 6 days on the South Island. We decided to rent a Campervan so that we could explore more wasting less time. Best decision ever besides the great first experience to sleep next to nature and on the best views ever. Our trip started in Christchurch where we got the van and hit the road to Lake Tekapo and many destinations after that. I have to mention that since I was planning this trip, my dream was to take a photo of the Milky way and to be able to do a perfect photo there were a lot things I had to take into consideration that I had never thought about: the weather , the moon and the season, well, I have to confess that I didn’t plan any of that especially because the tickets were an anniversary gift from my husband, but everything worked out so perfectly and I told him that actually this moment was my best gift and on the first day I was able to shoot my dream photo. Good thing that the weather helped us and I was able to shoot on my dreamed location. The night was so cold and after taking so many photos my heart was full of emotion and my fingers were “frozen”. I could barely sleep. 

So many locations and a heart full of happiness. I believe it’s going to be hard to beat this trip. The highlights of the trip was the most meaningful moments: cooking next to the Mountains, jumping on the snow, a rainbow on the waterfall, a dolphin jumping on the Milford Sound and to see a Milky way for the first time were my favorite moments. 

NZ is a constant beauty and I can safely say that is the most beautiful place that I have been. 

“It is the still silence of nature where one will find a true bliss.”

Hope you enjoy,



Must to do // South Island:

Lake Tekapo: 

To see // Church of the good Sherperd

To eat // Astro Cafe

Lake Pukaki: 

To eat // Alpine Salmon 

Mount Cook:

To see // Hooker Valley Hike


To see // Wanaka Tree, Lavander Farm.

To eat // Patagonia chocolates


To see // Gondula, Queenstown-Glenorch drive

To relax // Onsen Pools

To eat // Fernburger

Milford Sound Cruise: Go Orange 

Campervan: Spaceship Rentals

Camping sites: Lake Tekapo Motels & Holiday Park

Glentanner Park Centre

Queenstown Creeksyde Holiday Park

Supermarket: Count Down

Bia & Fer Engagement || Personal Photography

Have you ever thought about what really matters? 

Simple moments really inspire me. I keep saying that all the time but I guess that’s why I love my profession so much. I know that it may sounds cheesy but I’m getting old and cheesy, lol or maybe I’m just inspired by love. 

Moments. A simple moment. Few seconds of time. Precious time. A laugh, a smile, a gesture.

What really matters to you? 

Sometimes we loose so much time worrying about so many things, waiting for the right time, waiting for the weekend, always waiting and loosing moments and time.
Yesterday we celebrated two really special dates: Anzac Day and also my mates engagement. Looking at the photos today made me think how lucky we are to have those special moments, special friends. 

Yesterday we were celebrating love in the fullest form. 

Bia & Fer congratulations on your engagement and thank you for sharing those moments with us. <3



Gosford - Long weekend holiday | Personal Photography

I woke up and putted my all star weddings shoes on and I knew that the day was going to be special, lol. We decided to explore places around Sydney, there are so much to see and I wanted to take every free time that we had to explore new places! :) 

Gosford is a city close to Sydney and the good news is that a train will take you there in about 70 minutes, the city is that has 173k habitants. We had lunch at the beautiful the Coast Bar and Restaurant and after that we went to the Gosford Regional Gallery and the Gosford Comemorative Garden. We had a water coloring free class and it was so much fun!!! We ended our little one day trip at the Erina Shopping Center.

Of course I took so many photos and as my new resolution, I am in a few of them.

Hope you enjoy to seeing our day in photos!!! Happy Easter!



Noosa | Travel Photography

When I heard about Noosa for the first time I never imagined that it was a place sorrounded by so many beautiful beaches and that there was so much to explore. Yes, Noosa is really small but there is a lot to enjoy if you plan your trip well. 

I went there with my friends that were visiting from the US, when I was there we always traveled together and it was very special to have this mini vacation and this time together. I missed them a lot! 

The color of the water was amazing and as a photographer I was so happy to shoot a few spots. Queensland always surprises me! 

Here is my TOP 3:

- Go to Noosa National Park and walk through the coast, you’ll spot the rock pools and beautiful beaches, tea tree beach was my fave and the best thing: It’s free! :)

TIP: Don’t forget to have towels, sunscreen, snacks, water and natural sun protection (hats, shirts and towels)

- Go to Noosa River Mount and check it out the beautiful view, you can try to find a shade and have a great time with your friends there.

- Try the cocowhip made with coconut water and watch the sunset on Noosa Main Beach. So refreshing! :)

TIP: You can find this on the Coconut Head. 

Hope you enjoy the photos bellow, I have to say that was much prettier looking in real time. Can’t wait to be back there again! 

Moreton Island || Personal photography

One more for my memories of amazing trips. Searching online I found this amazing Island next to Brisbane and I was really excited to go there. Just 25km off Brisbane’s, Moreton Island  is a protected sand island just off the coast of southeastern Queensland, Australia.

The water was amazingly clear and there was more than 35 activities to do in the Island. Our favorite was snorkelling on the Tangalooma wrecks. A good tip is to plan your activities as soon as you get there because there’s so much to do. We decided to go to the island on their earliest ferry so we could have time to enjoy the entire day. Don’t forget to bring towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, natural sun protecting (hats, t-shirts etc), snacks and some clothes to change before taking the ferry back to Brisbane. If you decide to sleep on the Island, there’s a few hotel options including Camping, you just need to check how close you are from activities. If you need more information visit: Moreton Island Adventures 

Our day was amazing and full of surprises, before we left the island we were surprised by a few dolphins coming close to the people and this made me very emotional! Being able to see them living in a free environment on their natural habitat was just the best. If you go to Brisbane this is a “must do” on your places to go list. 

I hope you like the photos as much as I liked to take them! :)



Jervis Bay || Personal Photography

This mini vacation came in the right time, just the fact that I could look into the ocean and relax next to sound of the waves makes me feel renewed, it was just for the weekend but I felt like I had so much more. We decided to go to Jervis Bay for our friend’s Birthday. We rented a house really close to the beach and it was just amazing. 

Nothing better that spending some time with friends. I could write billions of things here but nothing will top the perfect feeling of being there so because of that I hope you enjoy some of my favorite moments …  



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