The Fazenda | Personal Travel Photography

I know… has been a long time since my last post. Is blog still a thing? I just don’t know anymore but I love to write sometimes and I keep coming here everytime that someone need tips about a specific location that they will travel. Isn’t amazing? This is like my little diary that I can keep all my personal travels with lot’s of photos and that’s why I’m back time to time to post something new just for me and for you (if you enjoy to see my photos) :)

We did a short trip with some friends to a beautiful place, The Fazenda

We ate plums and grapes directly from the tree, we saw horses and beautiful sunsets. 

We had sometime to talk while the kids were spleeping and the also have tons of fun. 

I did some photos for us and for The fazenda group (I was also working a little while there). I hope you enjoy,



Dubai | Personal Travel

Long time since I stop here to blog a Little bit.

I love to write, specially when I’m inspired. 

We took so long to travel again after lockdown and covid but I’m all about to sabe the amazing experiences we have.

These photos contains a lot of things… It’s hard to describe my happiness to see my family meeting my 2 year old Son for the first time, of course I call them everytime since he was a Newborn but there’s nothing like touching, like real Life.

 These memories is going to stay with us for a long time and online forever now. If you also had to stay away from someone you love during covid you’l understand what I’m saying.

I promisse to post more here from now on. 



It’s time to ride | Sunshine Coast Photography

I just love to shoot and document real life stories. There’s nothing more special than have your true memories saved. You don’t need much to have a special photoshoot, you just have to do the things that you love to do with your family.

You don’t need the most beautiful house, you don’t need the most beautiful location, you don’t have to wear “match match” outfits. (please don’t ☺️). You just have to be you and I’m ready to document that. :) BE FREE and let me do the rest. 

I had so much fun photographing miss Aria and her family. Skating is one of the things that she really loves to do. 

Her mom Nikkie has this amazing online clothing store Bare Foot and Salty in Sunshine Coast. Check it out! 😉

Glamping for the first time | Personal Photoshoot

Hi guys,

We went to a great adventure last weekend. My dream was to spend a few days glamping (I wish I could take all my clients there, so many beautiful places to shoot.)

With all this Covid-thing, some of our travels plans went out of our hands but we find a nice place to spend a weekend out. I have to say that is not easy to camping with a baby but if you really know me, you know that I love to be close to the nature and try different things. :) If ever decide to do a list of our favourite trips, it was definetily the ones that we spend the nights looking the sky. I’m always up to advertures and the baby come with us. 

Bagpack from

We went to Flash Camp for only 2 nights and we had a great time there. 

Here are some must haves if you’re thinking about to glamping/camping with your baby:

On this photo:

- Thermal Clothes

- Socks or puff shoes for cold days/night

- Baby Hat

 - Natural Baby repellent (from MooGoo)

- Timexing Portable smart pest repeller

- Baby sunscreen (from Wotnot baby)

- Flo Saline spray and medicines (just to be safe)

- Thermometer

- Pawpaw Cream 

- Warm and Summer clothes (right now in Australia we have warm days and cold nights)

Other great solutions that is not on this photo:

- Portable crib

- Crib net (to prevent insects)

- Portable Booster chair 

- Cooler jug (just to prevent waking during the night if we need water)

- Baby pool (if you Don’t want to do long walks to the showers with your baby)

- Baby sleeping bag

White noise and potable chargers/batteries. 

- Diapers and rash creams (of course!)

- Backpack from Vanchi

and of course:

Some marshmelos, chocolate and cookies to do some S’mores. :)

Send me a message on Instagram and tell me if this post helped you to plan your camping/glamping. :)

On the road | Family Photoshoot

Do you miss traveling? I got to photograph this beautiful family two weeks ago in their van. They often go on adventures with their little fam around Australia, how amazing is that? They have everything they need with them. I just love to photograph  families that shows their personality and their favorites activities during the photoshoot. 

One of the things that I love about photography is to be able to record these little moments that will have so much value on the future, everytime that I go to my parents home, I spend hours looking at the photos. It’s a treasure to have forever. 

Fer, Edgar and Felipe, Thank you so much for letting me to save your best memories! 


Theo’s Bedroom | Personal Photography

 I had such a great time putting together Theo’s Bedroom. When I first started to plan the only thing that I knew was: I wanted something simple that reminds me the beautiful country that we are living and I wanted to do it myself (I have a creative instint that I have to fulfil all the time with some kind of project, haha). I can also mention that I love boho style and this was something that I wanted to implement on the bedroom. I also wanted to add some personal details that could remind us some great moments of our life and you can see around every part of our baby’s bedroom. 

I kept all the products, nappies etc inside the first drawer, this way I can have easy access and I can try to maintain the room always looking good (I wish! There is a reason why I took photos before the baby arrival haha) 

Everything in the room is very accessible and you can find the stores name in the end of this post. 

I brought this little van from US. It was part of my house decor when I was living there 4 years ago. A great special memory for us.

My nice send us this beautiful gift that fit perfectly on our decor, since she was my first niece It’s very special to have one little thing in the room that reminds of her.

I took this photo first time that we visited the National Park. The other photo was also a great memory of our trip to California with our US friends. It was also a very special trip because why husband asked to marry him. :)

Come on.. It has to be a camera somewhere :)

Little beach themed soaps for our first visits. The box that I’m keeping them was a gift from the wedding of my mates: Bruna and Thiago :)

Bedroom Furniture: Baby Kingdom

Changer: Leander

Wall Paper: Pepper Decals 

Day Bed: Ikea

Pillows: Kmart Australia

Wooden Camera: Wish

Chair: Ikea

Stool: Kmart Australia

Side Table/Stool: Target

Gift Soaps: Nourish Naturally

Lamp: Kmart Australia

Great Barrier Reef | Travel Photography

It is so crazy but usually we don’t get to explore the country that we are living in. When I was living in the United States, I just went to a few places like NY, Las Vegas, California, with so much work and other priorities we take for granted and we forget to see this wonderful world. 

Since I moved to Australia 4 years ago we have been trying to explore as much as we can, I feel I lived 10 years in less than 4 and that’s super exciting. After I found out that I was pregnant we decided to go on a Babymoon and the easiest thing was to find a place that could accommodate all the needs, not really easy to travel with a big belly but it was so fun. :)

I loved to explore the Great Barrier Reef, if you follow my posts, you already know that I love to be in contact with the nature and as a photographer this is really enough for me. We stayed in Arlie Beach, really close to the port of Airlie. We did a few boat trips using Cruise Whitsundays. We went to the great barrier reef, Whitsundays and Hamiton Island. My favorite place to be was Whitsundays just because it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (I’m not lying, you can google that! :)

We saw beautiful places, turtles and a huge stingray. :) 

BIG TIP: If you go to Hamiton Island make sure to book a buggy in advance. They have buses that goes around the island but is so good to have the experience to drive around the island without waiting for any transportation. 

If you want to have a nice lunch, Manta Ray restaurant is so good and has an amazing view. 

One thing that I’ll probably do it differently is instead of staying all days in Arlie Beach, we could stay a few days in Hamiton Island (they also have everything there: A small market, activities and even a hospital.)

New Caledonia | Travel Photography

Every time that I travel to a new destination, I always feel amazed thinking about all these places that I still have to see. The world is so big and each place has something special. New Caledonia has definitely something special. 

This time we decided to go on a cruise with our friends and I’m not going to lie that the idea to be on a cruise was not very pleasant to me. I love the freedom, to decide what time to leave each place and enjoy as much as I can. When you are inside a cruise is not really like that but It also has a few advantages. 

If you are looking to relax, not to worry about where to sleep, where to eat and have fun on the way to the final destination is always a good thing. Not to mention, I was really surprised about the food. It was delicious! 

But let’s talk about this amazing place. New Caledonia or Nouvelle-Caledonia is a special collective of France and the official language is French. One of my favorite island was Isle of pines, the crystalline waters looks like a dream.

To go there is a must, lot’s of beautiful places to explore. 

We also had a great opportunity to go snorkelling in deep sea, the colours of the corals were amazing and I even saw a shark really close to me, I know.. scary hun? It was a great experience and I’m alive to tell the story. :)


Best tips ever: Lot’s of sunscreen, snorkelling shoes (this save our life during the way to the natural pools), snorkelling mask, towel. 

I hope you enjoy the photos.


Cruise line: Carnival Spirit cruise 

Destinations: Isle Mare, Isle of Pines, Noumea. 

They Belong to the world & The world belongs to them | Wedding Photography

We had a incredible weekend to celebrate our friends anniversary. First of all; That house, Wow! An antique church full of history and a beautiful view to the surrounding nature. Only 8 people, no internet, no phone signal, one fear: ghosts (LOL) and just one purpose: Celebrate love and friendship. I could never ask for more! 

They told me to do a little speech about love. I believe that is very easy to speak about love but very difficult as well because, how can I talk about sometime so big like love? In that place I could see love in various formats, I see love in form of friendship, love in form of a new life and love in form of unity, an unity that started like a simple friendship but not supported to be just that, it wanted to be more. 

I think the most beautiful characteristic of their love is complicity, 

Duda; You can sleep until 10am while Thomas is swimming on Sydney’s freezing waters, after that you will meet him and you’ll talk about the pretty adventures of that Saturday morning and just like that, you guys stand firm between important decisions and sometimes difficult roads that make your journey even more stronger, always together in this crazy life adventure that match perfectly you guys.

For those who don’t know I met Duda a long time ago and we lost contact over the years. I was not sure if she was living in Australia or just travelling the world and I decided to contact her. For my happiness she was living in Sydney and very happy to meet us. Duda and Thomas went to our house to picked us up just to talk, to help with so many questions that we had about this country and on that moment I realized… They were sharing all their love with us in form of words of comfort, which makes me conclude that they are love, they spread love . <3

That amazing weekend is now immortalised IN FORM of photos. I hope you enjoy them,




My surprise Bday

It’s so crazy but this year I was not feeling like celebrating my B-Day. Why is so crazy, you may ask ? Whoever really knows me, knows how much I love to celebrate my birthdays, YES! I always make a big thing of it and I plan every single detail, but for some reason,  I think after 34 years old I just got tired, hahahaha.

My hubby (who is incredible by the way) was not happy with my decision this year and ended up planning something very special just for the two of us. He just told me to pack my bag with a few clothes, my camera (I really thought we were going to do a photoshoot, lol) and ask for a morning off work the next day.

For my surprise…. Guess Whatttt? A BOAT.. I was not expecting that! I imagined one billion things; a nice hotel, a short trip, but he ended up renting a private boat and we went around the harbour enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon. To tell the truth it was everything I needed, a moment to breathe, relax and be thankful for our life, after almost 3 months dealing with my knee injury, that moment made me to forget everything.

We anchored in Rushcutters Bay, had a beautiful dinner, stayed overnight and woke up at 5am to see the sunrise. I love sunrises  and I don’t really have chance to see them very often.

In the end, It was not about the boat, everybody knows that I’m not fancy at all, but yesss, to be next to the ocean…. that sunrise was the most amazing birthday gift that I could receive. 

I feel renovated and ready for one more year. :)


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