They Belong to the world & The world belongs to them | Wedding Photography

We had a incredible weekend to celebrate our friends anniversary. First of all; That house, Wow! An antique church full of history and a beautiful view to the surrounding nature. Only 8 people, no internet, no phone signal, one fear: ghosts (LOL) and just one purpose: Celebrate love and friendship. I could never ask for more! 

They told me to do a little speech about love. I believe that is very easy to speak about love but very difficult as well because, how can I talk about sometime so big like love? In that place I could see love in various formats, I see love in form of friendship, love in form of a new life and love in form of unity, an unity that started like a simple friendship but not supported to be just that, it wanted to be more. 

I think the most beautiful characteristic of their love is complicity, 

Duda; You can sleep until 10am while Thomas is swimming on Sydney’s freezing waters, after that you will meet him and you’ll talk about the pretty adventures of that Saturday morning and just like that, you guys stand firm between important decisions and sometimes difficult roads that make your journey even more stronger, always together in this crazy life adventure that match perfectly you guys.

For those who don’t know I met Duda a long time ago and we lost contact over the years. I was not sure if she was living in Australia or just travelling the world and I decided to contact her. For my happiness she was living in Sydney and very happy to meet us. Duda and Thomas went to our house to picked us up just to talk, to help with so many questions that we had about this country and on that moment I realized… They were sharing all their love with us in form of words of comfort, which makes me conclude that they are love, they spread love . <3

That amazing weekend is now immortalised IN FORM of photos. I hope you enjoy them,




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