The Fazenda | Personal Travel Photography

I know… has been a long time since my last post. Is blog still a thing? I just don’t know anymore but I love to write sometimes and I keep coming here everytime that someone need tips about a specific location that they will travel. Isn’t amazing? This is like my little diary that I can keep all my personal travels with lot’s of photos and that’s why I’m back time to time to post something new just for me and for you (if you enjoy to see my photos) :)

We did a short trip with some friends to a beautiful place, The Fazenda

We ate plums and grapes directly from the tree, we saw horses and beautiful sunsets. 

We had sometime to talk while the kids were spleeping and the also have tons of fun. 

I did some photos for us and for The fazenda group (I was also working a little while there). I hope you enjoy,



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