Glamping for the first time | Personal Photoshoot

Hi guys,

We went to a great adventure last weekend. My dream was to spend a few days glamping (I wish I could take all my clients there, so many beautiful places to shoot.)

With all this Covid-thing, some of our travels plans went out of our hands but we find a nice place to spend a weekend out. I have to say that is not easy to camping with a baby but if you really know me, you know that I love to be close to the nature and try different things. :) If ever decide to do a list of our favourite trips, it was definetily the ones that we spend the nights looking the sky. I’m always up to advertures and the baby come with us. 

Bagpack from

We went to Flash Camp for only 2 nights and we had a great time there. 

Here are some must haves if you’re thinking about to glamping/camping with your baby:

On this photo:

- Thermal Clothes

- Socks or puff shoes for cold days/night

- Baby Hat

 - Natural Baby repellent (from MooGoo)

- Timexing Portable smart pest repeller

- Baby sunscreen (from Wotnot baby)

- Flo Saline spray and medicines (just to be safe)

- Thermometer

- Pawpaw Cream 

- Warm and Summer clothes (right now in Australia we have warm days and cold nights)

Other great solutions that is not on this photo:

- Portable crib

- Crib net (to prevent insects)

- Portable Booster chair 

- Cooler jug (just to prevent waking during the night if we need water)

- Baby pool (if you Don’t want to do long walks to the showers with your baby)

- Baby sleeping bag

White noise and potable chargers/batteries. 

- Diapers and rash creams (of course!)

- Backpack from Vanchi

and of course:

Some marshmelos, chocolate and cookies to do some S’mores. :)

Send me a message on Instagram and tell me if this post helped you to plan your camping/glamping. :)

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