The adventures of Larinha || Orlando, FL

There’s no better title than this one.
They Spend 2 months in the ICE .. lol (just kidding) in Colorado…
with little Larinha and they came to Orlando to visit and to be photographed.
They are an amazing family and because of this crazy weather we spent great time together
between larinha’s nap and storms… we survived! rsrsrsrs

Enjoy the results bellow.


Leah + Zach || Lakeland, FL || The Wedding

I don’t even know how to start this post. Lot’s of amazing pictures…hard to choose…

There are some words that I can use like: Unique wedding, TOMS shoes, disney lovers, FUN, amazing couple, FUN AGAIN… There are some elements that made this day incredible just like them.. but is hard to describe how it was beautiful and how I feel blessed to have met them.

Wedding days are usually stressful but this day was so much more than that… It was about love, about them and everything was so perfect. They have amazing friends and seeing all of them together and having fun on the dance floor was amazing!

Looking through these pictures we can see how everything was made with so much love. I can tell that Leah was a passionate bride and Zach was so supportive. They made a beautiful couple right there!
I wish all the happiness to you guys.
Thank you for choosing me.

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