48 hrs of Gold Coast || Personal Photography

I just love holidays and easter is one of my favorites, especially when it is a road trip. This way, I can have Hulk with me and I can also witnesses the pretty sky on the road. It was a 10 hours drive, but we loved every second of it. 

This year we decided to go to Gold Coast to explore a little bit. What I didn’t know was that I would fall in love with the city. I’m serious! I’m thinking about moving there in the future ahahahaha. There’s so much natural beauty around and I could stay the whole day photographing. I also decided to do a little amateur video: 48 hrs of Gold Coast . :D (choose 1080 for better quality)

We went to Burleigh Beach, Surfers Paradise, Snappers Rocks, Currumbin Beach (My fav!) and ended on Mount Tambourine for an amazing sunset. If you like nature, Australia is the best place to visit. :) Can’t wait to get back. Hope you enjoy the pics and video. 



Colorful Days || Just you Photography

Say Hello to my friend Hello Miss May !!!! Today is her birthday so this is a special post for her. She is an amazing designer, instagramer and a flat lay queen! :) 

Between crazy songs (LOL), flat lays and fun.. Whenever I am with her we are always around the city exploring and trying to find cute places to photoshoot. I met her after attending one of her workshops and we became really good friends. Moving to another country is always really hard but she always finds a way to add color to my life and pictures! 

If you want to see her work and buy cute cards/pins go to her website: www.hellomissmay.com and I am sure you’ll find cute things there.


P.S: Happy Bday babes! 

The First one of the year || Wedding Photography

Hi Guys,

This is one of those days that you wake up full of inspiration and love and I thought: Time to do a post! The first wedding that I shoot this year was so inspiring and the year begun incredible. The wedding was beautiful and I had to tell you that I hold my tears. hahahahaha

Recently I delivered the gallery and I am so happy to share a few pictures on the blog, I have been receiving a lot of requests to do small weddings, civil marriage and this post is really good because it shows that you don’t need a big wedding to have wonderful photos, all you need is love! and happy friends/family. lol

I wish all the happiness to them. Their wedding made my year start full of love. <3

Don’t look back || New Year || Personal Photography

This is a year that everybody was hoping to pass. Yes, I can say that it was not an easy year but like every difficulty in life I would say that we can learn a lot. 

For me was like a test, a hard one! I don’t like to say goodbye and I had to learn to do multiple times this year. I can say that I don’t like changes and a lot of things changed this year. Nothing planned! I already said that I don’t like unplanned things? Yes! It was not an easy year and like I said it was a BIG test but I was never an A+ student. 

The good thing is that in real life you don’t have to know everything, you can review your answers, you can erase things and even use a new blank paper! There’s always possibility, tons of them! You just have to open your eyes and see!   

I hope you guys have a great year! Happy 2017!

I’m Back for Good || Personal Photography

Hi Guys!

This is a special post to say that I am back. After while without post on the blog I really miss to share all photoshoots and personal things. Life is crazy and with so many social media it’s so hard to keep it up with everything but I am back for good and I want to be here for a while now. I would love be connected with my clients and friends so we are going to have a lot of news around here. :)

To celebrate that my first post is about my travel to Punta Cana. I went there to celebrate my friends wedding and I came back full of inspiration. My favorite things about Punta is the coconut water, the clear ocean and spend a quality time with my squad. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

” Done is better than perfect! ”

I had so much fun on Melbourne, VIC. The Yan Palmer’s workshop was amazing. I am so full of gratitude that I would like to share some of the moments from the workshop. 

I have so much love for storytelling that while the family shoot was happening I could not contain myself and not photograph everything that It was happening around as well as Yan’s showing her magic! :)

I wish all the talented girls all the best, it was amazing to share this moment with you all. 




Asha + Michael || Magnolia House at Trilogy || Clermont, FL

When I met Asha and her Mom I knew that there was something special about this family. They were so lovely during our meeting and I was super excited to be part of their special day. They are the sweetest family in the world. 

The wedding day was so perfect, great lighting, glitter and lot’s of love. The stage that they got married looked like a dream, so many flowers and details. Everybody was so involved and It was possible to feel the love around everywhere. The band was amazing and they had tons of fun! 

We had a great time there and I wish all the love in the world to them. 

Special thanks to my second shooter Lauren Mitchell. 

Camila || Birthday || Orlando, FL

Did you ever dream about travelling to Disney with all your best friends to celebrate your 15th Bday? Well, they did it! :) 

 And I was there to photograph every single moment of this amazing adventure! The day started with a limousine tour around the best places in Orlando and finished at Disney World. The girls had so much fun, singing inside the limo, lot’s of laugh and sweet moments. 

 Camila is so pretty! Her mom made special T-shirts for the pictures, including one for me! Yay! I love gifts! The photos came out amazing and I bet the girls will always be able to remember every single moment of this day. 

I hope you enjoy,



Janet & Brian || The Crystal Ballroom || Altamonte Springs, FL

I met Janet six months before the wedding. The meeting was so great and after leaving I knew that the wedding will be something really special. 

 The wedding day was perfect for them. Beautiful morning, nice weather and clear skies. 

Janet was a stunning bride and we could feel happiness all over the place. We photographed and had lots of fun on the dance floor. I have no words to thank you for this awesome moment, to be chosen by someone is something that always make my heart happy. 

 I wish you guys tons of happiness! :)

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