Don’t look back || New Year || Personal Photography

This is a year that everybody was hoping to pass. Yes, I can say that it was not an easy year but like every difficulty in life I would say that we can learn a lot. 

For me was like a test, a hard one! I don’t like to say goodbye and I had to learn to do multiple times this year. I can say that I don’t like changes and a lot of things changed this year. Nothing planned! I already said that I don’t like unplanned things? Yes! It was not an easy year and like I said it was a BIG test but I was never an A+ student. 

The good thing is that in real life you don’t have to know everything, you can review your answers, you can erase things and even use a new blank paper! There’s always possibility, tons of them! You just have to open your eyes and see!   

I hope you guys have a great year! Happy 2017!

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