My surprise Bday

It’s so crazy but this year I was not feeling like celebrating my B-Day. Why is so crazy, you may ask ? Whoever really knows me, knows how much I love to celebrate my birthdays, YES! I always make a big thing of it and I plan every single detail, but for some reason,  I think after 34 years old I just got tired, hahahaha.

My hubby (who is incredible by the way) was not happy with my decision this year and ended up planning something very special just for the two of us. He just told me to pack my bag with a few clothes, my camera (I really thought we were going to do a photoshoot, lol) and ask for a morning off work the next day.

For my surprise…. Guess Whatttt? A BOAT.. I was not expecting that! I imagined one billion things; a nice hotel, a short trip, but he ended up renting a private boat and we went around the harbour enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon. To tell the truth it was everything I needed, a moment to breathe, relax and be thankful for our life, after almost 3 months dealing with my knee injury, that moment made me to forget everything.

We anchored in Rushcutters Bay, had a beautiful dinner, stayed overnight and woke up at 5am to see the sunrise. I love sunrises  and I don’t really have chance to see them very often.

In the end, It was not about the boat, everybody knows that I’m not fancy at all, but yesss, to be next to the ocean…. that sunrise was the most amazing birthday gift that I could receive. 

I feel renovated and ready for one more year. :)


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