Theo’s Bedroom | Personal Photography

 I had such a great time putting together Theo’s Bedroom. When I first started to plan the only thing that I knew was: I wanted something simple that reminds me the beautiful country that we are living and I wanted to do it myself (I have a creative instint that I have to fulfil all the time with some kind of project, haha). I can also mention that I love boho style and this was something that I wanted to implement on the bedroom. I also wanted to add some personal details that could remind us some great moments of our life and you can see around every part of our baby’s bedroom. 

I kept all the products, nappies etc inside the first drawer, this way I can have easy access and I can try to maintain the room always looking good (I wish! There is a reason why I took photos before the baby arrival haha) 

Everything in the room is very accessible and you can find the stores name in the end of this post. 

I brought this little van from US. It was part of my house decor when I was living there 4 years ago. A great special memory for us.

My nice send us this beautiful gift that fit perfectly on our decor, since she was my first niece It’s very special to have one little thing in the room that reminds of her.

I took this photo first time that we visited the National Park. The other photo was also a great memory of our trip to California with our US friends. It was also a very special trip because why husband asked to marry him. :)

Come on.. It has to be a camera somewhere :)

Little beach themed soaps for our first visits. The box that I’m keeping them was a gift from the wedding of my mates: Bruna and Thiago :)

Bedroom Furniture: Baby Kingdom

Changer: Leander

Wall Paper: Pepper Decals 

Day Bed: Ikea

Pillows: Kmart Australia

Wooden Camera: Wish

Chair: Ikea

Stool: Kmart Australia

Side Table/Stool: Target

Gift Soaps: Nourish Naturally

Lamp: Kmart Australia

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