The Rothstein’s Family | Storytelling Photography | Winter Garden Family Photography

“Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night telling itself stories” - Jonathan Gottshall

I Had a great time photographing The Rothstein’s Family. They were so sweet and I felt like home! :) 

 Nicole (the mother) and Jarrod (the father) were amazing and they prepared the morning to be awesome! 

 I keeping saying this, but it’s so true. More than take pictures I really love to meet people and now their story. There’s so many amazing people on this big world and I feel lucky to be able to meet some of them. 

Amelia (the oldest daughter) was so excited telling me about her ballet classes that will begin soon (see photo 14), and she loved to show me her bedroom. Baby Maddy was all smiles! It was hard to take pictures without her looking at me and opening a big smile. She’s a Pro! hahahahahah. 

 Bella (the dog) is an angel, the girls love her and know they have a new member… a small kitten named Stormi, the reason of this name is because their babysitter found her in a storm drain outside and they decided to kept her. What an amazing family right? 

 The morning passed so fast. They ate, played and read books (which by the way, it is their favorite thing to do!) The girls love to read books and I was super happy to capture all these moments.

 I have no words to thank them for opening their house and heart to me. Thank you! <3 

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