The Farias’ Family || Documentary Family

“I just don’t think I’m looking for the big moments in life anymore. It’s more the simple ones that make for a beautiful day now. Like the sun rising and the moon dancing and the wind singing and the leaves grooving, and the kids laughing and the music playing, butterflies twirling, heart-smiles staying… and me be present to witness all these little beautiful things. This is what makes for a happy peaceful life, I’m sure.” -S.C Lourie

I having been in a process of discovering myself as a photographer and learning the things that makes me happy when I am photographing. I have just finished a workshop with the incredible Molly Flanagan and this is part of my final assignment. I feel so ready to continue to document real moments for my amazing clients, it has been a great journey but  for now, let’s start with this family session:

I had a great day with this special family, they are close friends of mine and I was able to spend the morning/lunchtime with them. When I enter the house, his little three year old boy, David was so excited to show me all his toys and his scary jelly spiders. lol. What a loving and caring family with two blessed boys, the morning flowed like a sweet wind and we finished our session with my friend’s lunch expertise. She made a delicious tilapia with tomato sauce… I think she was reading my mind because I just love fish.

It was a great experience and I hope to click more real moments with a lot of families out there! :) 

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