Noosa | Travel Photography

When I heard about Noosa for the first time I never imagined that it was a place sorrounded by so many beautiful beaches and that there was so much to explore. Yes, Noosa is really small but there is a lot to enjoy if you plan your trip well. 

I went there with my friends that were visiting from the US, when I was there we always traveled together and it was very special to have this mini vacation and this time together. I missed them a lot! 

The color of the water was amazing and as a photographer I was so happy to shoot a few spots. Queensland always surprises me! 

Here is my TOP 3:

- Go to Noosa National Park and walk through the coast, you’ll spot the rock pools and beautiful beaches, tea tree beach was my fave and the best thing: It’s free! :)

TIP: Don’t forget to have towels, sunscreen, snacks, water and natural sun protection (hats, shirts and towels)

- Go to Noosa River Mount and check it out the beautiful view, you can try to find a shade and have a great time with your friends there.

- Try the cocowhip made with coconut water and watch the sunset on Noosa Main Beach. So refreshing! :)

TIP: You can find this on the Coconut Head. 

Hope you enjoy the photos bellow, I have to say that was much prettier looking in real time. Can’t wait to be back there again! 

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