So good to be here - A trip to New Zealand - South Island

I never thought about coming to NZ and see all these amazing places , during this trip a flashback came to my mind and I started to think about everything, the moving to Australia, so many things and then it hit me.. Life is not suppose to be the way that we always planned, if everything was exactly the way that we have planned before maybe we would never be here now, sometimes different ways leads you to beautiful views, adventures and so much more… with all the seasons, even the nature changes all the time. We have changed! This experience changed us in many aspects,  we left many things behind but the assurance that everything was worth and that’s the beauty of life. 

It was only 6 days on the South Island. We decided to rent a Campervan so that we could explore more wasting less time. Best decision ever besides the great first experience to sleep next to nature and on the best views ever. Our trip started in Christchurch where we got the van and hit the road to Lake Tekapo and many destinations after that. I have to mention that since I was planning this trip, my dream was to take a photo of the Milky way and to be able to do a perfect photo there were a lot things I had to take into consideration that I had never thought about: the weather , the moon and the season, well, I have to confess that I didn’t plan any of that especially because the tickets were an anniversary gift from my husband, but everything worked out so perfectly and I told him that actually this moment was my best gift and on the first day I was able to shoot my dream photo. Good thing that the weather helped us and I was able to shoot on my dreamed location. The night was so cold and after taking so many photos my heart was full of emotion and my fingers were “frozen”. I could barely sleep. 

So many locations and a heart full of happiness. I believe it’s going to be hard to beat this trip. The highlights of the trip was the most meaningful moments: cooking next to the Mountains, jumping on the snow, a rainbow on the waterfall, a dolphin jumping on the Milford Sound and to see a Milky way for the first time were my favorite moments. 

NZ is a constant beauty and I can safely say that is the most beautiful place that I have been. 

“It is the still silence of nature where one will find a true bliss.”

Hope you enjoy,



Must to do // South Island:

Lake Tekapo: 

To see // Church of the good Sherperd

To eat // Astro Cafe

Lake Pukaki: 

To eat // Alpine Salmon 

Mount Cook:

To see // Hooker Valley Hike


To see // Wanaka Tree, Lavander Farm.

To eat // Patagonia chocolates


To see // Gondula, Queenstown-Glenorch drive

To relax // Onsen Pools

To eat // Fernburger

Milford Sound Cruise: Go Orange 

Campervan: Spaceship Rentals

Camping sites: Lake Tekapo Motels & Holiday Park

Glentanner Park Centre

Queenstown Creeksyde Holiday Park

Supermarket: Count Down

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