Moreton Island || Personal photography

One more for my memories of amazing trips. Searching online I found this amazing Island next to Brisbane and I was really excited to go there. Just 25km off Brisbane’s, Moreton Island  is a protected sand island just off the coast of southeastern Queensland, Australia.

The water was amazingly clear and there was more than 35 activities to do in the Island. Our favorite was snorkelling on the Tangalooma wrecks. A good tip is to plan your activities as soon as you get there because there’s so much to do. We decided to go to the island on their earliest ferry so we could have time to enjoy the entire day. Don’t forget to bring towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, natural sun protecting (hats, t-shirts etc), snacks and some clothes to change before taking the ferry back to Brisbane. If you decide to sleep on the Island, there’s a few hotel options including Camping, you just need to check how close you are from activities. If you need more information visit: Moreton Island Adventures 

Our day was amazing and full of surprises, before we left the island we were surprised by a few dolphins coming close to the people and this made me very emotional! Being able to see them living in a free environment on their natural habitat was just the best. If you go to Brisbane this is a “must do” on your places to go list. 

I hope you like the photos as much as I liked to take them! :)



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