Creating a storytelling for Brands

Long time no see!

I’m back here to talk about my favourite subject: Guess what? YES! Photography!

During the last 10 years I’ve been trying to find myself in this incredible photo world. I have been getting a lot of feedback from other photographers and close friends saying that focus is the most important thing. “Choose an area and stick with it”, but when it comes to a subject that you love so much I think it’s really hard to focus. How you are going to say to a photographer that loves to create images that she can just photograph weddings? or fashion? It’s like to eat the same food everyday! 

I completely agree that it makes more difficult for your clients to find you and also you need to have knowledge to photograph the areas that you want but when we talk about lifestyle photography it seems so embracing especially if you have a defined style.

In my case, I love to create meaningful photos, it does not matter if I’m shooting a family or a brand, as long as I have a story to tell I will be happy. I believe working in so many photography fields opened my mind and my heart to see so much more and it’s also a good way to increases creativity. Don’t you think? 

Since writing with images is the thing that I love the most, I want to share a few photos that is part of my “new” project; Storytelling for Brands. (Many thanks to my beautiful client Melissa Wharton.) 

Hope you enjoy!



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