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Have you ever thought about what really matters? 

Simple moments really inspire me. I keep saying that all the time but I guess that’s why I love my profession so much. I know that it may sounds cheesy but I’m getting old and cheesy, lol or maybe I’m just inspired by love. 

Moments. A simple moment. Few seconds of time. Precious time. A laugh, a smile, a gesture.

What really matters to you? 

Sometimes we loose so much time worrying about so many things, waiting for the right time, waiting for the weekend, always waiting and loosing moments and time.
Yesterday we celebrated two really special dates: Anzac Day and also my mates engagement. Looking at the photos today made me think how lucky we are to have those special moments, special friends. 

Yesterday we were celebrating love in the fullest form. 

Bia & Fer congratulations on your engagement and thank you for sharing those moments with us. <3



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