I had the pleasure to photography for Lenka and the Fawn . They are an amazing online store bringing European childhood to the United States.

Gina Munsey is founder of the store and I think she has an amazing taste! I like everything that she does. Bellow you can find a little interview and a behind-the-scene of the ad photo shoot. The ad is going to be on Babiekins Magazine print issue coming out soon!

Pri: How did you get the idea to start Lenka and the Fawn?

Gina: Until this October, I was on the editorial team of Babiekins Magazine, a kids’ style magazine. And during my two years there, I talked to a lot of mothers who regularly paid really high shipping costs to order clothes from Europe for their kids, because the brands they wanted weren’t always available from US retailers.

I kept saying, “Someone should import these smaller labels!” And then I finally realized that someone could be me. It’s a natural fit. I spent my early childhood in Europe, and I have such happy memories. So Lenka and the Fawn is my way to bring a little piece of my childhood to you.

Pri: What inspires you?

Gina: I love clean and uncluttered spaces. I’m also drawn to the restraint that’s seen throughout so much of Scandinavian design. But inspiration is often drawn not so much from objects, but from moments. A lot of inspiration is about the way a certain situation — complete with the scents and the sounds — makes you feel, and then how you interpret that moment, whether it’s through art and design or through writing or textiles or something else.

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